Realtor Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still earn my regular commission?

Yes. All commissions offered per the MLS are still valid. does not earn any part of the real estate commission. So, if you're a Buyer's Agent, or the Listing Agent, your full commission applies. There is however, a nominal $59.95 upload fee charged to the Listing Agent when a property is listed on

Do I have to use the Fastrack sales process?

No, but we strongly recommend that you do. This process has been used for many years by traditional auctioneers to generate interest and urgency for their auctions. We have adapted and updated the process to fit today's faster paced, internet confident homebuyer.

What if a buyer just wants to make an offer "the old fashioned way"?

That's great, but use your best judgment. If it's a short sale, you're wasting your time taking a contract without running the auction. If it's an REO property, there will most likely be other interested buyers, and you'd be doing your seller a disservice by not holding the auction. Remember... it only takes 2 for the auction to be your best solution. If it's a non-distressed property, you have the Buy Now, Make Offer and Online Auction modules enabled. Use the Make Offer module and save yourself (and the buyer and seller) hours of sloppy "back and forth" negotiations. At, "It's About Time"®

How much does it cost?

There is a $59.95 upload fee charged to the Listing Agent when you upload a listing into our system. We do offer volume discounts to brokerages who can commit to higher levels of listing activity on a monthly basis. Contact for a quote.

How long does my listing stay on

Until it sells. We recommend the Fastrack sales method, where the goal is to have the property under contract in 30 days. If your listing does not sell at auction due to no bidders or a reserve price not being met, you can run the auction again until the property sells. There is no time limit.